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USGenWeb Genealogy Search - 2900 sites
This search engine enables you to search all of the USGenWeb sites online at one time. This is the first search to completely index all of the county and state USGenWeb sites, and offer them as one search. We have added the states of Alabama-Kentucky so far.

RootsWeb Genealogy Search - 1 very large site
This search indexes RootsWeb. RootsWeb is one of the largest "free" genealogy sites on the web.

Access Genealogy Search - 1 large site
This search indexes Access Genealogy. Access Genealogy is the largest privately run genealogy website online.


Genealogy Search provides a variety of search engines for your usage. The websites picked for searching are specific to genealogy, and are handpicked. If you are a website owner and you wish to have us index your website in a specific search engine, or have moved a website, then please supply us the new link here. If you wish to discontinue having your site show up in our search engines, then please follow the instructions here for removing your website.


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